Japantown Prepared! receives award!

The Collaborating Agencies Disaster Relief Effort (CADRE) Leadership Committee has chosen Japantown Prepared to receive an “Excellence in Preparedness” award for the work in helping Japantown residents prepare for a disaster.  The CADRE leadership team was really impressed by the initiative in providing this type of community support.  The award will be presented at the CADRE annual conference on April 17.  Image

CPR & First Aid Class in Japantown San Jose



Zumba Party for Japan

Zumba Party for Japan was held at Buddhist Church San Jose Betsuin on March 17th. Over 160 people came and enjoyed dancing with a world-famous Zumba instructor, Nathan Blake. All the proceeds of the event will be send to Japan and used for the recovery.


Day of Remembrance

34th Annual San Jose Day of Remembrance

Civil Liberties and War

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of
Korematsu v. United States

Sunday, Feb 16, 2014
San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin
640 N. Fifth Street, San Jose, CA

Event is free and open to the public

The Day of Remembrance is an event that aims to bring different communities together in order to build trust, respect, and understanding among all people and to renew our pledge to fight for equality, justice, and peace. Please plan on attending to help us all remember what happened and ensure that such injustices never occur again.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Mochi is a must for a Japanese New Year Celebration!
It starts with toshi-koshi soba on New Year’s Eve and the first thing one has on New Year’s morning is ozoni!
Of course, mochi is part of decorating for New Year’s too, so you’ll see mochitsuki fundraisers in Japantown during this time of year. But you can get mochi in Japantown all year long, so no need tor despair!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2012~ Year of the Dragon~


Saying ‘Good Bye’ to NCI

Ah, summer!

Hot days, cool breezes, USA’s S&P credit rating goes down for the first time and life goes on.

Wednesday, a few people will be gathering by invitation only to listen to what our Nikkei Community Interns, Alex Lim and Kyle Ichikawa experienced while spending their summer breaks in Japantown San Jose helping to build at JAMsj, helping the children at Lotus Preschool, building a website, meeting people in their 8 weeks of internships in San Jose Japantown that would not be available to most people.

And what do we expect of them? A little love and commitment. That’s all!
We’re looking forward to an NCI San Jose Alumni group, a bit of nostalgia for summer days past and possibly a look into the future of what they are calling their new ‘hometown.’

Thank you, gentlemen! We look forward to working with you again!

Their blogs: http://ncichikawa.blogspot.com & http://alextlim.blogspot.com