History of JCCsj

JCCsj (Japantown Community Congress of San Jose) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization originally formed from the guidelines and requirements of SB307, California State Legislation for the pilot project of historical and cultural preservation of the last three remaining Japantowns in the United States. Click Here for more information on SB307.

The JCCsj board is comprised of organizations and individuals with interest and concern for the historical and cultural preservation of Japantown and the development of the Japantown district, venues, businesses and residencies.  Consequently, JCCsj has represents members of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and education establishments within the Japantown Community.

Currently, the JCCsj continues to plan and enact various community projects that not only supports Japantown by bringing in funds, but provides a stronger sense of community within the streets that Japantown comprises.  Various projects include the Spirit of Japantown, landmark project, and mural project!