Nikkei Community Internship 2012




This summer, these two young women are spending their work time finding out what Japantown San Jose is all about; the people and organizations who contribute to the ethos, the atmosphere and the general district.

They are writing blogs to document their journey before returning to their respective colleges and studies. What JCCsj is hoping is that the experience makes them return to Japantown San Jose in some capacity throughout their lives to keep the history, legacy, neighborhood, organizations, activities and businesses vibrant.

We’ll post links to their blogs when they are ready for ‘Prime Time!
Meanwhile, they have been meeting so many people and doing so many interviews, that their heads are spinning. A highlight for San Jose was the mid-term retreat which was spent by all 18 of the CA State NCI group to coincide with San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin Obon Matsuri. On Saturday night, there were 1,451 dancers and the largest Obon Festival in the USA. It remains a community event and everyone at the Betsuin hopes the NCI group enjoyed the experience!


More – to come…